Why Ledwich & Co.

Design, by definition, is about having a plan. A plan to achieve a desired outcome or fulfill a vision. It considers all aspects of a project, instead of allowing things to just happen.

So to say something is “by design…” is more like “I meant that” rather than just a happy accident.

Working with Ledwich & Co. is about creating that plan together, then bringing it to life.

What others might call “design”, comes next.

What we do.

Let’s say we have a plan – a really great plan. So far it’s about what we want to say and who to say it to. Now we can get creative with how to tell our story. Is it digital or printed, a brand story, a campaign, a product, a startup or a refresh?

Either way, these are all communications targeted at someone. Through combinations of visual style and language we create your tone of voice – your unique expression of brand made for your specific audience.


We create communication solutions. Rather than have a big list of all the things we do, lets just say we can do it – or that we can bring in specialists to help.

Other more familiar tools around the studio are pens, pencils, computers, stickytape, scalpels, whiteboards, conversations, emails, humour, glue, sketches, google, photos and experience…






Ledwich & Co. was started by Darren Ledwich in 2013, with a desire to create a studio which engages businesses to consider design as part of their whole strategy.

With over 25 years of professional experience, he has worked in many of Melbourne’s most regarded studios, and worked on projects for a diverse range of clients both nationally and internationally. For more info checkout Linkedin.


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