Got your back

Here is a simple and clever idea for cyclists. A rear light and HD camera which constantly records what you can’t see. Developed in Melbourne and funded through Kickstarter, this device could save a few arguments not to mention injuries. I like the idea that if certain motorists think they may be filmed they might think twice before they act.

Check it out here fly6.

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Slippery banana

Visual metaphors

I love this. If a picture says a thousand words then I think a metaphor says one – and quite clearly.


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This adds up

I’m a geek for tech and apps are very affordable geeky goodness. Often I gravitate to ones that look amazing or try to do something simple and unique with the interface.

Soulver is an app for both Mac and IOS which can do simple to complex math using natural language like “What is 18% off $548”. It was created by Zac and Nik at Acqualia in Sydney and I think it’s pretty clever. It’s not stunningly beautiful, but simple and elegant in a very practical way.

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It’s like Day One

This has been decades in the making and I’m very excited to have this site, blog and studio launched. Special thanks to Carlos Castillo for his WordPress expertise and putting this site together – he rocks. There are many other people I’d like to thank who I’ve worked with and learnt from up to this point, but then again I haven’t won an Academy Award… I’ll let them know when I see them next.

My intention for this blog (not unlike most blogs) is to share things that interest me and give you an insight into what makes Ledwich & Co. tick. Hopefully you get something out of it too. If you do, share it in the comments. I’d love the feedback.

Anyway check back from time to time. Cheers.

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